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Designer Claudia Ashley Brown

Memory Trees

Creating the in-memoriam fundraising trees or Memory Trees is a very rewarding, collaborative process. Often Claudia works with non-profit organisations such as hospices and animal charities to help them raise vital funds and create respectful tributes to supporters and their families.


Claudia is happy to work to commission and enjoys the challenge of working on creative projects that mean something special to those she is working for. The journey is part of the process, using her creative and practical skills to find solutions. Christian and spiritual themes often form part of her work as she seeks to create pieces that have a deeper resonance.


Claudia achieved a 2:1 BA (Hons) in Applied Art from the University of Hertfordshire finishing Summer 2007 and her final degree pieces were the set of 6 sculptures called The Ramryge Angels.  Her specialisms include working with acrylic and over the past few years she has created jewellery functional items, sculptural forms and lighting. Working with Perspex is the main focus of Claudia’s creativity and she is interested in the idea of drawing with light, by etching onto the surface of Perspex.


Perspex Sculpture and Design

If you have a query about our services please email us, call 07714 761261 or visit our facebook page.

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If you have a query about our services please email us, call 07714 761261 or visit our facebook page


We have 15 years of expertise in several areas including design, production and project management. 


We create wonderful wall sculptures and memory trees which help raise money for hospices and charities through donor recognition.


We also create beautiful jewellery, gifts and 3d sculptures from 2d sheet acrylic on a commission basis.

The Ramryge Angels - Perspex Bereavement Sculptures

Based in the Ramryge Chantry Chapel, St Albans Cathedral, the installation ‘Ramryge Angels – Bereavement Studies’ comprises six Perspex sculptures which are lit from below. The sculptures have been hand etched and formed and depict the stages of bereavement as established by Elizabeth Kubler-Ross. There are five suggested stages (Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression & Acceptance) but Claudia believes that after Acceptance one can find Peace —which is the sixth sculpture. Each sculpture is set into one of six empty statue niches in the 500 year old chapel, that have been empty since the reformation. She is also interested in the use of such sculptural imagery for meditation and contemplation.





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